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Over the past two years, an unfortunate trend in insurance payments has emerged. Insurers are increasingly finding ways to avoid paying the full approved amount due after co-pay is satisfied at the office visit. This can involve a deductible, additional patient responsibility, a denial based on the diagnosis, or a pre-existing condition. Many, if not most, of our patients are now left with a balance after co-pay has been paid and after the insurance company has paid what they indicate is their responsibility. This change in insurance reimbursement patterns has necessitated a change in Hudson Dermatology's payment policy. Once charges have been filed with your insurance company(s) and explanation(s) of benefits have been issued to you and our office, any remaining approved amounts which are patient responsibility will be placed on the credit card account you provide. This credit card information is kept only in a password-secure off-site location. It is no longer feasible for us to collect three different times for the same patient encounter (co-pay, insurance amount, and then a statement for remaining balance). This change allows us to continue to accept just the co-pay amount indicated on your insurance card at the time of your visit. You will no longer receive a statement after the insurance explanation of benefits has been issued, since the copy of this explanation of benefits you receive from your insurer will indicate any amount still due that is your responsibility. This amount (if any) will be placed on the credit card account. Your understanding of this policy necessitated by insurance industry changes is appreciated.

Our patients are responsible for ensuring that their insurance policy covers Hudson Dermatology as a provider and the procedures covered.  We currently are not a provider for Medicaid.   

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